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ahhhhhh……I may have too much tension…..idk

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New Avengers v1 #62 | I went to the living legends store and this is all they had.




Steve Irwin in a Jaeger would be entertaining.

Look over there. There’s a Catergory 3 Kaiju. Biggest one yet. 

Ah’m gonna wrassle with it. 

#yeah but who’s his drift partner. a crocodile. just a crocodile. its not a special or humanoid croc its literally just a croc strapped in.


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I twittered about this earlier, but sometimes it feels as though talking about misogyny in this industry is like dealing with Groundhog Day: there seems to be a continuous reset, a collective male amnesia around the issue. As if, when a woman speaks out, it’s for the first time and everyone is shocked. Just shocked, I tell you. Sexism exists? OH MY GOD.

― Veteran writer Marjorie Liu on sexual harassment/misogny in the comics industry—and the collective amnesia that hits much of the industry every time the topic ever gets broached. (via robot6)

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I finally caught up with hickmans avengers and like

what if it was the avengers where steve and tony were a thing came to 616

what if the tony from the other universe didn’t know he was in another universe and acts like he usually does and kisses 616steve in front of 616tony

what if confusion/jealousy ensues…. image

and 616tony angst


Original Sin: Avengers #29 - Preview Pages 


Captain Marvel #3 - Variant cover by Art Adams


gross, dumb people in hoodies  (◡‿◡✿)

Anonymous: Can you draw Mr. Tony Stark in a pile of candy? :3


Happy Easter! :>


My love-letter to Naoko Takeuchi’s original designs, that one pinup, and a lot of out-of-context SMClassic fun.

(PS: Have some closeups of those newspapers + a larger version posted to DA!)  


fake movies: avengers lady centric au (for nyssa)

Peggy is the one to get stuck in ice in and survive the century. Pepper doesn’t get rid of Extremis and becomes Rescue. Bruce Banner stays under the radar leaving Betty as the authority in gamma radiation. Jane retains some of the Aether’s powers. Thor is busy ruling Asgard, therefore Sif is the one tasked to retrieve the Tesseract. Director Fury rounds them all up along with Black Widow for his Avengers Initiative and, Barton being compromised, Maria Hill steps up as the marksman of the team. 

tldr; the ladies save the world instead

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